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27 October 2016 current affairs

  1. On 25 October 2016, which bank announced, it became the first Bank to enable electronic submission facility for Forms 15G/H through mobile for its customers in the country?

1)ICICI            bank    2)SBI               3) Corporation Bank               4) Canara bank  5)Axis bank

Ans : 5

2.Form 15G/H are self-declaration forms required to be furnished by the income tax assessee to the banker for nil deduction / lower deduction of TDS  on interest income . TDS stands for…?

1)tax deducted at source        2)tax denominated  at source              3)tax deducted at score

4)total deducted at source      5)tax drain at source

Ans : 1

3.Union government expanded the role of BBB, which beside selection of candidates to head the banks, it will also help banks in their capital raising plans and develop business strategies from now. In this context, BBB stands for………?

1)Bank Board Bureau             2)Bureau of  Board Bureau    3)Bank Board Brand

4)Board of Bank of Bombay  5)Bombay Bank Board

Ans : 1

4.Who is the present Chairman of BBB?

1)Vijay Kelkar            2) Suresh Tendulkar    3)VinodRai4)HashmuckAthia            5)Ashok Lavasa

Ans : 3

  1. Which bank announced the launchof ‘Money2India Europe’ an online money transfer services to facilitate transaction from any bank accounts in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to any recipient account based in India on 27 October 2016?

1)SBI New York Branch                      2) Standard Charted Bank                 3)ICICI Bank UK Plc

4)BharathiyaMahila Bank                  5)Barclays Bank Plc

Ans : 3

6.ICICI Bank UK Plc has partnered with ……………. a global payments service provider, to bring this service ‘Money2India Europe’ an online money

1)VISA                   2)Mastercard India              3) Oxigen Services              4)Inpay A/S           5)POSIn

Ans : 4


7.Indian banks carried out the country’s biggest card replacement move after 3.2 million accounts were compromised in a massive data breach. For any monetary loss on account of breach of security or failure of the security, who is liable to bear the loss?

1)RBI                      2) Customer         3) NPCI                  4)bank                   5)Bank Board Bureau

Ans : 4

8.As per the present RBI rules, the bank should credit (shadow reversal) the amount involved in the unauthorised electronic transaction to the customer’s account within ………….?

1)10 working days               2)24 hours            3)8 working days                 4)30 working days

5)365 working days

Ans : 1

  1. India is the third biggest target for hackers after the USA and Japan as per the study of ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India). Who is the present President of ASSOCHAM?

1)Naushad Forbes        2) Sidharth Birla            3) C.P.Gurnani            4)SunilKanoria


Ans : 4

10.The Knowledge Chamber : Serving the Nation Since 1920 is the punch line of….?

1)CII               2)FICCI                      3)NAASCOM                        4)ICC  5)ASSOCHAM

Ans : 5

  1. National Summit on “Enterprising Women – Meet Your Bankers” will be held at…?

1)Mumbai                           2)Kolkata                             3)Chennai           4)New Delhi       5)Kanpur

Ans : 4


12.On 29 October 2016, which bank said it will issue equity shares on preferential basis to the government of India for Capital Infusion of Rs. 5,681 crores?

1) Axis bank                2) Yes Bank                3) Punjab National Bank         4) Bank of Baroda

5) SBI

Ans : 5

13.State Bank of Patiala has been conferred with “Special Award for Excellence in MSME lending” for its performance in lending to the MSME sector during the year 2013-14 and 2014-15. Who is the Union Minister for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises?
1) AnathGeethe           2) NirmalaSitharaman            3) ArunJaitely              4)Kalraj Mishra

5) V.K.Singh

Ans : 4

14.The Union Cabinet minister list given. The wrong statement is…?

1)Prime minister NarenderModi elected to Loksabha from Varanasi (UP)

2)Home minister Rajnath Singh elected to Loksabha from Luknow (UP)

3)Water Resources Minister Uma Bharati elected to Loksabha from Jhansi (UP)

4) Finance Minister ArunJaitley elected to Rajyasabha from Gujrath

5) All of above correct statements

Ans : 5

15.The list of Union Cabinet ministers given. The correct combination is…?

1)Urban Development, Housing and Information and Broadcasting minister M. Venkaiah Naidu elected to Rajyasabha from Rajasthan

2) Road Transport and Shipping Minister NitinGadkari elected to Loksabha from Nagpur (Maharashtra)

3)Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu elected to Rajyasabha from Andhra Pradesh

4)Defence Minister ManoharParrikar elected to Rajaysabha from UP

5)All of above are correct

Ans : 5

  1. President of India inaugurated the 28th Accountants General Conference organized by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India at……on 20th October, 2016.

1)New Delhi               2)Kolkata                    3) Pune                       4) Jaipur         5) Chennai

Ans : 1

17.Who is the comptroller and Auditor General of India?

1) NaseemZaid          2) R.K.Mathur            3)Shashi Kant Sharma    4) K.V.Chowdary


Ans : 3

  1. Who is Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman?

1)GulamNabi Azad                          2)J.Diwakar Reddy           3)K.V.Thomas                    4)L.K.Advani

5) P.Chidambaram

Ans : 3

19.Gross NPAs (Non-performing Assets )  of scheduled commercial banks rose to 4.6% in March 2015 and …….in March 2016.

1)10.5%           2)7.8%                         3)9.5%             4)9.1%             5)8.7%

Ans : 2

  1. According to the RBI’s Financial Stability Report, RBI projected the gross NPA ratio at …………… by March 2017.

1)8.5% 2)9.1%             3)10.4%                       4)6.7%             5)7.5%

Ans : 1


21.Global Gender Gap Report released by World Economic Forum (WEF) on 25 October 2016. Which nation tops in this list?

1) Rwanda                           2) Iceland            3)Finland                             4)Norway            5)Sweden

Ans : 2


22.India secured which rank in the list of 2016 Global Gender Gap Report released by WEF?

1)66                       2)22nd                    3)48th                     4)87th                                     5)107th

Ans : 4

23.India and which nation signed an agreement regarding Food Safety Cooperation and Youth Affairs and Sports?

1)Canada         2)UK                3)Brazil                        4)New Zealand                        5)Mexico

Ans : 4

24.The facts of New Zealand given. The correct statement is…………?

1)Capital is Wellington             2)Currency is Dollar                 3)Prime Minister is John Key

4) ‘Kiwi’ A slang term for the New Zealand dollar (NZD). It derives its name from New Zealand’s national icon – a flightless bird called a kiwi

5)All of above correct

Ans : 5

  1. Which state declared it will observe 2017 as the GaribKalyanVarash?

1)AP    2)MP                3)Haryana                    4)Punjab                      5)Jammu and Kashmir

Ans : 3

26.Whichcity hosted India’s first Astrobiology Conference – Life in Space?

1)Jaipur           2)Pune             3)Mumbai         4)Kolkata          5)Chennai

Ans : 3


27.In USA, Which state declared to teach Sikh history and culture into the public school curriculum?

1)Washington              2) Illinois                      3)Texas           4)Indiana          5)South Carolina

Ans : 4
28.Union Government constituted a High-Level Committee under the chairmanship of Munialappa to monitor…….?

1)bird flu situation        2)prices of pulses        3)the work of GST Council      4)surgical attacts along the border of LOC            5)share index in BSE and NSE

Ans : 1

29.India recently signed revised Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with….?

1)UK    2)France          3)Pakistan                    4)South Korea 5)UAE

Ans : 4

30.Whoamong the following is the chairman of the committee on One Rank One Pension (OROP) submitted its report to Defence Minister ManoharParrikar?

1)tarunRamadorai        2)Justice A K mathur    3) Justice L Narasimha Reddy

4)TVSN Prasad            5)AravindPangariya

Ans : 3

31.World Day for Audiovisual Heritage observed on….?

1)25 Oct                      2)14 oct                                   3)27 Oct          4)14 Oct          5)1 Oct

Ans : 3


32.What is the theme of the 2016 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage that was observed on 27 October 2016?

1)Audio Video is the right of the person          2) Archives at Risk: Much more to do

3) It’s Your Story – Don’t Lose It                      4)Love the heritage of Audio and Heritage

5)It is the right of every one …speak it

Ans : 3

33.Karnal Singh is the new …………..?

1)Director of the Enforcement Directorate       2)CRPF           3)BEL

4)SBI                           5)NGRI

Ans : 1





























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