October 2016 current affairs


7 October 2016 current affairs



1.Which department set up by Union Ministry of Finance on 5 October 2016 to streamline the government borrowings and better cash management with the overall objective of deepening bond markets?
1) Audit and Fraction Management Unit                         2) Department of Debt and Risk Management cell
3) Public Debt Management Cell                                     4) Debt Recovery Cell 5)None of above is correct option

Ans : 3


2.Medical Devices Manufacturing Park (Medipark) to be set up in……….?

1)Rajasthan          2)Jammu and Kashmir      3)Tamil nadu                        4)Odisha               5)Assam

Ans : 3


3.which of the following not one among the National Parks located in Tamil nadu?

1) Guindy                              2) Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) 3) Periyar        4)Mudumalai 5)Mukurthi

Ans : 3


  1. Aadi Perukku festival recently celebrated in……….?

1)Tamilnadu                       2)AP                      3)Kerala                               4)Karnataka        5)HP

Ans : 1

5.Who was recently selected by the UN Security Council as the next UN Secretary-General. He is the Prime Minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002.?

1)Jim Yong Kim                   2)Christine Legarde            3) Antonio Guterres             4)Jean Claude Junker

5)Hardeep Sing Puri

Ans : 3

  1. who among the following was conferred with 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for

his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end?

1)Raul Castro , the president of Cuba

2)Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe

3) Juan Manuel Santos, the president of Colombia

4) Youssef Chahed, the Prime Minister of Tunisia

5) Kersti Kaljulaid, the president of Estonia

Ans : 3

7. Which nation’s Parliament, an Indian neighbor passed a bill that seeks to curb murders in the name of honour on 6 October 2016?

1)Bhutan                             2) Myanmar                       3) Pakistan          4)Sri Lanka          5) Maldives

Ans : 3

8. Which nation’s Parliament passed a bill that seeks to punish rapists by use of modern technology of DNA testing in probes involving rape cases?

1)Nepal                                2)Mauritius                         3) Pakistan                          4)Singapore        5) Malaysia
Ans : 3
9.Rani ki Vav , World Heritage site was declared as the cleanest iconic place in India. It is in…….?

1)Rajasthan                        2) Madhya Pradesh                         3) Gujarat            4) Delhi

5) Telengana

Ans : 3

10.Sushil Chandra is the new Chairman of ……….?

1)LIC                      2)UIDAI                  3)ISRO                   4) CBDT                                5)NITI Aayog

Ans : 4


11.Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will be the chief guest of  2017 Republic Day parade of India. He is…?

1)King of Saudi Arabia                       2)Emir of Qatar                    3)President of Iran

4) Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi          5)Prince of Kuwait

Ans : 4



12.An Indian shooter clinched a silver medal in the 50 meter pistol event of the ISSF World Cup Final at Bologna, Italy. He is……….?

1) Jitu Rai             2)Abhinav Bhindra                           3)Gagan Narang               4)Jaspal Rana

5)Trivedi Ghosh


Ans : 1


13.Which terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport located in New Delhi was declared first Platinum rated green airport terminal building in India?
1) Terminal 2
2) Terminal 4
3) Terminal 3
4) Terminal 1

5) Terminal 5

Ans : 3


News Agencies in the World

Country Name Names of News Agencies
Australia Australian Associated Press (AAP)
Britain Reutors
China Xin Hua
Croatia Hina
Denmark Ritzavuz Bureau
Egypt Middle East News Agency (MENA)
France Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Germany Deutsche Presse Agentur (D.P.A.)
Hongkong Nafen
India United News of India
India Press Trust of India (PTI)
India Samachar Bharti
India Univarta
Indonesia Antara
Iran Islamic Republic news Agency (IRNA)
Iran Fars News Agency
Israel Associated Israel Press (AIP)
Italy Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associate  (ANSA)
Japan Kyodo
Jordan Petra
Kenya Irin
Khattar Al Jaseera
Malaysia Bernama
Malaysia Malaysian National News Agency (MNNA)
Pakistan Pakistan Press International (P.P.I) and Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
Palestine WAFA
Russia Telegraph Agency of the Sovereign States (TASS)
Russia Novosti
South Africa Sapa
South Korea Yon Hap
Spain Ansa
Turkey Anadolu
Turkey Ihlas
United Kingdom Reuters
United States Associated Press







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