Important Days On Health Issues


Jan 18-Polio day , Immunization

Jan 30-World Lepracy Eradication

February 04- cancer day

March 12- World Kidney Day

24 March-World T.B Day

2 April – Autism Awareness Day

07 April-World Health Day

17 April – Hemophilia Day

25 April-World Malaria Day

!st tuesday May-Asthama Day

May 17-World Aids Vaccination Day

June 08- World Brain Tumour Day

July 01 -Doctors Day

July 28-Hepatitis Day

Aug 20-world Mosquito day

Sep 14-First Aid Day

Sep 21 -World Algimer Day

Sep 23-World Deaf Day

Sep 28-Rabis Day

Sep 29- World Heart Day

Oct 24-World Polio Day

Nov 12-Pneumonia Day

Dec 01 -World Aids Day



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