Ibps Interview Questions


What is the biggest problem facing by Banks

Ans- NPA is one of the biggest problems facing by the banks.

NPA-Non Performing Assests

Meaning Payment is not received upto 90 days then it called as NPA


standard Assets

An Asset which is regulating income to bank

sub-standard  Assets

All those assets which are not repaid more than 90 days and less than 12 months

doubtful  Assets

The assets which are considered as doubtful assets more than 12 months

loss asset

The assets which cannot be recovered

Example of NPA

For example an individual has taken loan on january 1,2017.Due date is june 1 2017.

Upto june 1 it is considered as standard asset

It will be considered as special mention asset from june 02 to August 29 2017 (90 days)

It will be considered as sub standard account from August 30 2017 to August 29 2018

After August 30 2018 it will be considered as Doubtful asset for three years

Loss asset is assigned by the Auditor after 3 years


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