How to Crack Competitive Exams


How to Crack Competitive Exams



Preparing for an examination can be very hard, it involves time and hard work and is the cause of a lot of stress and anxiety. We are all aware that there are no shortcuts to good performance in an examination, to get the grades that you want, you must be willing to accept that you have to work hard. Examinations test a student’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. They bring questions from an entire module together in a challenging environment. Just going through your NCERT books isn’t sufficient for you to crack the exam sometimes you need a few tips get the best results.

Each year a handful of ill-advised students find themselves in a situation that they feel unprepared for the exams or assignments. Some students chance a few notes on the hand, in the jacket pocket or perhaps a few chunks from somebody else’s essay. They feel that this might give them that additional edge that they need to get through a particularly difficult subject. But it is an unwise option to get through the exam and will only result in harsh punishments.

Here are a few tips on as to how we can prepare and crack competitive examinations.


Study Timetable


Set up a study timetable at least two weeks prior to the exams, make a promise to yourself that you will study a particular amount of time each day. Remember to also allot yourself some time for recreational activity. Because this can act a stress buster in your day so that if you ‘run over’, you have some time to play with. This also reduces the feelings of guilt or frustration when you do take time out as you have factored it in.


Don’t depend on study groups


Study groups are an excellent way to study because you are often challenged to look at course material differently. With that said, it is best to come prepared to group meetings instead of expecting to learn course concepts at the meeting.


Set Goals


Goal set for each day and for each week of study, e.g. you must have all topics of your CBSE syllabus covered and extra notes taken by end of Week One. Week Two can focus on revising key facts, text, formulae, practicing graphs and looking at past exam questions



Managing motivation


Remind yourself of why you are at uni and what you hope to achieve through your degree. Picture yourself finishing the degree and looking back on this exam period with satisfaction. Use your exam anxiety as a built-in motivator. A certain amount of anxiety can be helpful, look for the interesting parts of your study to generate an inherent fascination. The exam period is a valuable opportunity to rediscover why you are studying your chosen field.

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