Computer Awareness


Inventor of Computer                                   —            Charles Babbage

First Modern Computer in the World      —             ENIAC

First Commercial Computer                         —           Univac

First Programmable Digital Computer     —             SEAC (Standards Eastern Automatic Computer)

ENIAC was developed by                             –             John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert

Inventor of Punch Cards in Computer     –               Hollerith

1st Computer Programming Languages   —              FORTRAN, LISP and COBOL

Computer Graphics was developed by   –                William Fetter

ARPANET was developed by                       –             DARPA

First Compiler was developed by              –               Dr. Grace Murray Hopper

Father of Computer Animations               —               John Whitney

First movie to use Digital Image Processing        —  West World in 1973

Computer Mouse was invented by          —                  Douglas Engel Bart

Computer Keyboard was invented by    —                  Christopher Latham Sholes

Laptop Computer was invented by          –                  Adam Osborne

First Graphical Computer Game was invented by  —   A.S. Douglas

Computer BIOS was invented by                              –  Gary Kildall

Inventor of Computer Bug                           —               Dr. Grace Murray Hopper

Inventors of Computer Chip (IC)               –               Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce

Father of Computer Hard Disk                    —              Reynold Johnson

Inventor of First Data Base                          –             Dr. Edgar Frank Codd

Inventor of Ethernet Computer Networking  —   David Boggs, Chuck Thacker and Butler Lampson in                                                                                       Xerox PARC

Inventor of Computer Scanner                  –            Ray Kurzweil

Inventor of Computer Speakers              —             Abinawan Puracchidas

Inventor of MS-DOS Operating Systems        —    Microsoft

Inventors of first computer Microprocessors      – Faggin , Hoff & Mazor

Inventor of Spacewar computer Game      –            Steve Russell & MIT

UNIVAC was developed by                         –            John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert

Inventor of Z1 computer                              —             Konrad Zuse

Inventor of ABC computer                          –             John Atanasoff & Clifford Berr

Keyboard:- Herman Hollerith(1930’s)

Transistor:-John Bardeen,Walter Brattain and  Wiliam Shockley(1947-1948)

RAM:-An Wang and Jay Forrester(1951)

Trackball:-Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff(1952)

Hard Disk:- IBM ,The IBM model  350 Disk file(1956)

Integrated Circuit :- Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce(1958)

Scanner :- Rudolph Hell  in germany(1963)

Mouse:-Douglas Engelbart(1964)

CD-ROM :-James Russell(1965)

Laser Printer:-Gray Starkweather at XEROX in 1969

Floppy Disk :- Alan Shugart and IBM (1970)

Microprocessor:-Faggin Hoff and Mazor-INTEL4004(1971)


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